Finding the best phone deals has never been easier

Phone Navigator uses a big data analytics engine to analyze over 3 million phone prices daily to give consumers access to the best deals available that meet their unique needs​ with unbiased recommendaitons.​

Mobile Category Page Examples

Problem: Design a homepage that feels trustworthy and approachable. In an industry that often feels cold, Navi aimed to present itself as the friendly alternative to tech blogs and searching deals across multiple carrier and OEM websites.

Solution: Navi's mascot Scuffy was used prominently in advertising and marketing materials to let consumers know Navi is on their side and will provide them with an unbiased recommendation. Once users enter the experience, they complete a short onboarding flow in order to customize deals based on their carrier and trade-in.


Dashboard - Popular

Dashboard: The phone dashboard default view shows the most popular phones based on a user's trade-in. Users have the ability to switch views in order to see larger phone images (shown above) or compare features (not shown). For users who need more guidance, Navi offers a fun illustrated quiz to provide recommendations based on their preferences for camera quality, screen size, battery life and other features.

Dashboard - Quiz

Deal Snapshot: Once a user has selected a phone model, Navi presents them with all of the best deals for staying with their current carrier (the most common behavior) or switching carriers, which often results in a lower price on the phone.

Deal Snapshot