Navi utilizes cutting edge eSIM technology along with data science to build a first of its kind tool to help consumers test coverage of the three major cellular networks before switching carriers.

User Journey Mapping Workshop

Problem: We needed to align on where to focus our efforts and how to streamline the experience. There were many places in the user experience where a customer could get lost or confused and abandon the product.

Tactics: Workshop and Journey Map

Solution: A journey mapping workshop to build empathy and identify the biggest customer pain-points in the experience..

User Journey Map

Pencil Sketches

Problem: The technology for reading network signals was still being developed and we needed to better understand what would resonate most with customers so that we could focus our engineering and data science efforts.

Tactics: Sketching /Wireframes / Prototyping / Customer Interviews

Solution:  We developed a series of concepts visualizing possible test results. We conducted multiple rounds of user studies and refined our work between each round.

Wireframes and Rough UI

Problem: We needed to align the entire team around what we were building.

Tactics: User Flows

Solution: A Figma document was workshopped with the entire team and then we made adjustments based on their feedback.

User Flows
Renew Product Detail Page

Confirm Location (Left): Once a user has finished onboarding, they are ready to start a test. This screen allows the user to edit their location by dragging or searching.

Test in Progress (Right): An animation lets the user know that their test is active and a timer keeps them updated on progress.

High-fidelity UI
Renew Product Detail Page

Test Results (two views): Once a test is complete the user can view their results. The winning carrier is shown on top with results exposed by default. The other two carriers are shown below. Each result has an overall score and a series of three “task scores” to let the user know more details.

Product Detail Page
Renew Product Detail Page

Test Activity Dashboard (two views): The dashboard allows users to view their test activity. Each entry shows a summary of test results at that location, and links to the individual test result page to allow the user to dive into the details. The map reinforces location accuracy. Start New Test button is fixed to the screen, so the user can start a new test at any time.

Product Detail Page